Hurricane Matthew Updates, October 8th, 2016

Memorial United Methodist Church is currently closed due to Hurricane Matthew. Until the island is accessible and deemed safe, MUMC will remain closed. Updates will be posted here as well as on our Facebook page

  • 10:30AM

    At this time the bridges are still closed to the public. Many members of the Memorial family are posting on our MUMC Connect Group Facebook page their status and location. To add your name or check on friends, click here.

  • 11:45AM

    The photo at left is a photo take this morning, October 8th, of the Sanctuary. There is no visible damage to the Sanctuary. We will need to get on to the island and assess the campus to be sure. Reports are that Trinity does not have visible damage either. More to come.

  • 12:00pm

    The Nassau Emergency Services has sent out this message:

    We posted earlier that the bridge to the island passed inspection. IT IS NOT OPEN YET. They will make a determination as to when later this afternoon. IT IS NOT OPENING AT NOON. We will post times once they determine it. Thanks!
    We posted earlier that the bridge to the island passed inspection. IT IS NOT OPEN YET. They will make a determination as to when later this afternoon. IT IS NOT OPENING AT NOON. We will post times once they determine it. Thanks!

  • 2:00PM

    For the safety of our congregation and staff, we will not be meeting for worship tomorrow (Sunday, October 9th). Once we can get back to the island and assess the status of the campus, if power and water are working and if the roads are clear, we will determine when the church will reopen and when activities will resume.

  • 12:15PM

    A Message from Pastor Beth:

    Message from Pastor Beth.....

          When I woke this morning, and watched some of the news, I was overwhelmed with gratitude.  I am grateful for a new day itself, for shelter available in so many ways, and for our community, despite being geographically scattered at the moment.

          As we listened to the storm's winds and rain over the last days, several biblical images came to mind. 
    One was Noah, of course, and the chaos of his floating pet-friendly shelter, and the relief when the high water receded.

          Another was Jesus, first sleeping through a storm and then calming it (and his followers,  too.) 

          And I recalled the story of Elijah in 1 Kings 19. He had fled to a cave for safety, and at one point was standing at the mouth of it, watching a series of natural storms. After they passed, it says "the Lord was not in the wind...the Lord was not in the earthquake. " Instead, Elijah discovers God in the stillness afterward.

          The sheer power of this storm, and its destructive impact, is still hard to fathom. We are eager to return, and apprehensive about what we will find. There will be much work required for the recovery that lies ahead.

           While this may be unprecedented for us, it is not for God. God has centuries, even millennia of experience with leading people in the recovery and rebuilding after disaster.

            So, with God's help, we will work together to get through this. Because we are a grace-filled family, we will help each other. Because we put God's love into action, we will help our neighbors.  Because we are Jesus' followers, we will have hope. And we will discover that the power and presence of God is indeed found in what comes after the storm.

           Please remember to check in with friends and neighbors and assist one another when possible.

         Also, please join us as we lift up all those affected by the storm locally, state-wide, and especially those in Haiti, the Caribbean, and Cuba, in prayer tomorrow and the days ahead. 

  • 2:00PM

    Important Update from Nassau County Emergency Services.

    The entire city is hurting. We are going to work to get this city back to normal. We may be multiple different cities, but we are one community. We are in this together.
    - Evacuation order is lifted as of noon today. Nassau County residents will be returning home and soon we will have work for Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach residents
    - If you do not have to be driving, don't! We need access and roads cleared to fix and clear everything.
    - The island bridges are closed. We will post when they will be opening on our Facebook and web pages at: and…
    - Please do not go out sightseeing. This is not the time.
    - Patience is the word of the day. If you rush back at noon, expect to sit in traffic. Police will be working the intersections to assist.
    - If you see a wire, treat the wire as LIVE and call 911. Do not drive over, walk over, or touch wires. Non Emergencies: Call 904-225-5174.
    - If you have a neighbor who stayed home during the storm, please check on them.
    - Significant electric outages. Restoration times are not known. There is significant damage to the system.
    - If you have power, please leave your porch light ON so JEA knows.
    -Many customers are currently out of power. Utility Companies are working on this now.
    - Lights are out throughout the city. Treat all intersections as a 4 way stop if lights are not working.
    - Beaches - Expect to have no power, trees down, and flooding when you get to return.
    - We still have flooding throughout the county. You will see barricades up for flooding and downed trees.
    Do not drive around barricades.
    - Our #1 heroes are the people who evacuated. Thank you.
    All of our police officers were working last night through the storm. We had a significant high number of calls. Thank you for your patience!

  • 3:15PM

    Food Safety Information and Debris Removal Information from the Nassau County Emergency Services.